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Scalp Tattooing

Our Scalp Tattooist Lisa Anne is Highly skilled & trained in this technique, she has been doing this treatment before it became so know, back in 2009. As it has taken off around the world now, you can Trust you are in the Best hands Melbourne has to Offer, Lisa Anne Also worked along Side Dr Ahn, Highly Regarded Plastic Surgeon, In Perth, Western Australia and her Team. She has also worked along side many reportable, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, around Australia. 

About Scalp Tattooing For Men & Woman​

Scalp Tattooing, or micro-pigmentation Tattooing, is becoming increasingly popular around the world, for both Men & Woman, as advised in the medical professions, hair loss treatment solutions, Advance Cosmetic tattoo industries, Scalp Tattooing is the new and improved , micro - pigmentation technique that your specialist will implant, micro dots precisely into the scalp, with the correct application, colour and tools, to take on the look of your natural hair follicle, volume or hairlines. 

Cosmetic - Medical - Scalp Tattooist 


If done correctly by a certified, trained & experience Scalp Tattooist, it will give you the confidence, fullness as well as no obvious receding that you may desire. You can achieve a full look of a No#1 all over with scalp tattooing, you can created the front line again on a reseeding client, both men and woman are gaining from less worry, time and products, by turning to a more permanent solution. Men and woman are looking to Scalp Tattooing for answers of volume, receding hair lines, also to cover scars or post surgeries on the scalp, as well as the face. Growing Extremely Popular amongst woman, especially through loss of depth due to hormonal changes, and allowing ladies to achieve volume back without having to worry about a repeated application of temporary dust, sprays or powders, as scalp tattooing can last for many years, with instant or progressive result, it is also said that the treatment can stimulation some regrowth of the hair extremely  natural , all day, everyday result.

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Scalp tattooing, also known as scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP), is a specialised technique that involves applying tiny dots of pigment to the scalp to create the appearance of a natural hairline or add volume to thinning hair. This procedure is suitable for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss or have concerns about their hair density.

The process of scalp tattooing starts with a consultation with a specialist who will assess your needs and determine the best approach for achieving your desired look. The specialist will then use precise tools and techniques to carefully implant the pigment into the scalp, mimicking the natural pattern of hair follicles. 

One of the key benefits of scalp tattooing is that it offers a non-invasive solution for those who may not be suitable candidates for other hair restoration options. It is also a long-lasting solution, with results typically lasting for several years before needing touch-ups.


Scalp Tattooing

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About Cosmetic - Medical - Scalp Tattooing

Cosmetic Semi-Permanent makeup, also called a cosmetic tattoo is done with the use of a Cosmetic Digital or coil like pen that connects to a   Machine, in which implants, with different needles on differed areas of the skin, iron oxide, (colour implantation) also in May Different Colours to suit the individual and the area being tattooed to create the look of makeup. A tattoo can mimic eyeliner or lipstick, or it can darken and create the look of thicker eyebrow, a more defined eyebrows or something mopper natural and uniquely soft to suit you Individually.

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