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about the company and founder, lisa anne


Meet Lisa Anne

Welcome to Laskin Co! Meet LisaAnne, a luminary in the beauty industry with an impressive 22-year journey. In 2009, she earned the prestigious title of "Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year," a testament to her unwavering commitment. LisaAnne's expertise extends to her role as a former trainer for the ACTA, where she nurtured emerging talents in the field.

Lisa Anne is the visionary founder and owner of L.A.Skin Mineral Cosmetics, a brand known for its dedication to quality and excellence. Her passion for holistic beauty led her to create the L.A.Skin Organic Skin Care Line, embracing the innate power of natural ingredients. With L.A.Lashes, another brainchild of LisaAnne's, she celebrates the captivating beauty of eyes.

For an impressive span of 15 years, LisaAnne owned and curated the renowned L.A.Skin Cosmetics Studio, a cornerstone of beauty in East Perth, WA. Now, at Laskin Co, LisaAnne's wealth of experience converges with her artistic vision to offer clients nothing but the finest in beauty and skincare.


  • Federal Member of the Australian Association Of Cosmetic Tattooing

  • APAN Gold Member

  • SPCP World Cosmetic Tattoo Member

  • Advance Cosmetic & Paramedical & Scalp

  • Micro-pigmentation Certification

  • Certified in Design & Perform Feather Touch

  • Techniques and Designer Liners

  • Corrective Pigment & Colour Correction

  • MicroPigmentation Specialist

  • Colour Correction & Paramedical Tattoo Specialist

  • Reconstruction & Scar Correction Certification

  • Advance Diploma of Permanent Makeup

  • Colour Correction OVER ALREADY Tattooed Work

  • Correction or New Brow Over Already Tattooed Brows

  • Diploma Of Beauty Therapy

  • Advance Skin Treatments Specialties

  • Advanced Skin Care & Dermal Therapist

  • Dermal Skin Needling Qualification/-IPL/SHR/RF/F-Lazer

  • Advance Peel Training - TCA/BHA / Salicylic / Peels

  • Skin Needling and Collagen Techniques Qualifications

  • BB Glow Colour Camouflage Skin Needling

  • Qualified Make-Up Artist

  • Advanced Micro-dermabrasion Certification

  • Certified in Laser FRX&PIX, IPL, SHR

  • Vein Removal RF, Cavitation, Fat Freezing

  • Infection Control Certification

  • Certified Trainer & Assessor

  • Tattoo Removal Techniques with over 18 years of experience

The Team

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