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Cosmetic Tattooing

Eye Liner Tattooing 

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Cosmetic Tattooing Price List

 All Treatments Require

           A Touch Up 4/6wks​ Cost Between $150/$250 

  •  Eyes Lower Liners  

  • Softest/Natural Lash Liner Look                      $300                   $150

  • LashLine Fill  LOWER                                           $350                   $180 

  • Smokey Natural Lower Lash                             $380                   $180

  • Top Liners

  • Top Liner  or Lash Line Fill                                   $350                  $180

  • Top Liner /Lash Liner & Volume                        $400        

  • Smokey /AdvancedTop Liners                          $450                  $200

  • Lips

  • Luscious Lip Liner                                                  $400                   $200

  • Luscious  LipLiner & Blend                               $650                   $250

  • Lips - Just Colour Correction Treatment       $520                   $250

  • Luscious Lips Full 2/3 Tones  Blended           $850                  $250

Other Treatments

  • Correction Added                                                  $250                   $200

  • Reconstruction of Lips                             "Price    On  Consultation"

  • Beauty Blush                                                       $350   Required  $100

  • Beauty Spot                                                               $150                   $90 

  • Facial Freckles                 Areas  From                $400/ $680  $200                                                                                                              

  • T's & C's Apply. * Prices are subject to change at any time

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Micro--eyebrow embroidery technique that uses a special hand-held tool with disposable Micro-blades to draw thin marks on the skin in the brow area that resemble hairs. A practitioner inserts semi-permanent pigment into the upper layers of skin using a feathering technique.

Confidence everyday.

This meticulous and precise process takes about an hour with our Highly Qualified, very Experienced, Award Winning Cosmetic, Medical Scalp Tattoo Specialist LisaAnne,  from start to finish.By placing a series of fine lines with varied length and following the same hair growth pattern as your existing brows, they appear fuller and more defined, yet still natural, giving you the feeling of Im ready to go, so natural!

CosmeticTattoo EyeBrows 


  • Designer  Natural Hair  Brow.                               $680                              $200

  • Full Ombre Shaded Brows.                                   $750                              $200

  • Ombre & Designer Hair Brows                             $780                              $200  

  • Perfection Treatments                    

  • 4 Weeks Post                                                       $200                              $150   

  • 18 Months Refresher                                             $250

  • 3+ Years.                                                             $400                              $150

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If done correctly, some may not even notice your cosmetic tattoooing as it can look so natural. Cosmetic tattoos can be helpful for a range of different reasons. Cosmetic tattooing can help,  busy people to save time by removing the need to apply makeup on a daily basis, correct a physical issue or flaw such as over plucked eyebrows, unshapley eyebrow, scars on pale lips or uneven lips, Define eyes on men and woman, as well as add a look of lashes or brows to clients whom may be going through chemotherapy or even live with Alopecia. Some clients get to the point where their eyesight isn't as good as it has been and sent- permanent make-up, is done, as natural or  full at  the client requests. 

Luscious Lips 

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Neutralising Lips

L.A.SkinCosmeticsStudio, we specialise in neutralising lip colour, an advanced technique done for those who have darker/lighter  pigmented lip colour or uneven lip tones, we can them give a new beautiful new balanced lip shade of choice.

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